Today and a year ago, a prayer was shared. A can was given. A journey started.

Let me count the days when we prayed, shared devotions, wept and laughed.

I was rebuked when I recalled my notes filled with prayers and delights on how I see God through each of you. It reminded me of the flame that kept on burning despite the odds, from tear to tear, sacrifice to sacrifice to His glory to glory and blessings to blessings.

And just by hearing your testimonies of breakthroughs, realizations of the Cross and moments of love, freedom and forgiveness bring me on my knees as I ask myself, “Why have I ever doubted?

I praise God who never gave up on us, gave in and let us go. But still opened His hands and looked graciously on us.

This may be an act of nobility to many. But it will never be about that at all. This is all for God’s glory to be seen in our lives.

If painful experiences would mean healing; brokenness to make us whole; pruning for our refinement; hurt to teach us forgiveness; and setbacks to purify our faith, then LET GOD’S WILL REIGN OVER ANY MOTIVE, SELFISH DESIRE AND FLESH.

I thank God for each of you, from the prayers, encouragements to rebukes and even arguments. You know how it has never been an easy road to all of us.

To sacrifice to share in Christ’s sufferings.
To weep to share in each other’s struggle.

Indeed, we are one in the spirit not just in giving, but in praying, ministering and loving God’s people.

I admire your hearts. They are means of grace in my life to remind me of God’s faithfulness and love.

Above all, it’s never because we’re a year old in the ministry. I thank God I gained friendship and fellowship in all of you. I am blessed to be a part of a miracle through you.

Keep calm and take heart, fellow ministry partners.
Isaiah 7:4

#ONESpirit #ONEyear #Passion316


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