Do we see what God sees?


Upon waking up, I asked God one question, “Who is Leslie and Lester?” And today, around three in the afternoon, I met them.

I stride along Recto to find three undressed children playing and two Filipinas sharing stories while sitting near the gates of my alma mater, the University of the East.

Praise God for giving me six minutes to share His goodness with them. I cheerfully handed two packs of meal from our Noche Buena and listened to their hearts.

To see their simple smiles, to hear their life stories and to share God’s amazing love were beyond measure to complete my Christmas Day.

Honestly, it wasn’t an easy decision since I hardly get along with people or simply trust men. I was one step near to let go of my purpose to meet my Leslie and Lester and just walk along.

Still, my praises to the King who went with me and gave me confidence to approach and trust these people.

So much joy to meet them and my prayer is to revisit them again this New Year and bring not just food to eat but also some clothes for the children too. Pray with me for their shelter since they live in a side car and along the facade of UE.

Afterwards, I hit Luneta Park, my writing haven, unplanned. Only to find myself just following God who was calling me to my secret place and reflect on His glory.

Writing this down, I realized how I have been beyond blessed to experience not just Christmas but year 2013 in a very different way.

From a personal savings meant for my dream car to a depleting bank balance, instead of a worried and self-pitied heart, I felt how God humbled me and thanked Him for the six months He greatly provided.

Emptied to be filled again, I declared that God will definitely see me through.

Neither can I nor my financial capability can budget what I have saved to live within my means. It’s a miracle how God molded my heart to live simply and appreciate what He provides.

I couldn’t be greatly happier to live with enough than to go back with all the pleasures I used to have, yet set aside that one thing God called me to do, to do great things for His Name.

Silent tears fell, not because of what has been lost ever since I got suspended from school, inflicted with a lung disease, and left work but because of this overflowing joy I couldn’t contain.

I believe they are worth more than the cost of my medication, tuition and salary. I wept for His glory revealed during the six months that was. From the people I met and ministered with to the miracles He performed, everything was meant for His glory.

Six months had passed and it was my heart’s prayer to live the rest of my days for Him. I used to say I was self-supporting my medication, bills and expenses. But no! I was Christ-supported, Christ-sustained and Christ-secured all along.

I praise Him not because I still live, but because through this breath He made me see the beauty of His grace, that He called me for a higher purpose.

During a short heart-to-heart with my Leslie’s and Lester’s, my heart bursted in joy for an answered prayer from God.

And the king will answer them, ‘I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me.’
-Matthew 25:40

Though I grew up with the thought that Christmas is meant for merrymaking, good food, carols and gift-giving, it was never too late to see and realize how God meant this day for His Son and for us.

He is the reason to rejoice!

As little children
We would dream of Christmas morn,
Of all the gifts and toys we knew we’d find
But we never realized
A baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives.
-We are the reason by Avalon

Do we really see how God meant Christmas? We always hear that Christmas is for all. So let it be. Let us share His Word and be His vessel of love to His people.

May Christ be seen on us not just on Christmas Day but during the rest of our days.

Merry Christmas!


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