Of Tears and Of Joy


Beloved how are you all? Praying for everyone’s health, physical and spiritual health.

Ever blessed to be a part of this upward journey.

Last Wednesday, I was able to testify God’s goodness to more than 400 people by His grace. Such joy it was to share and be His vessel of hope to our students from TUMCS.

I got to talk to their principal after and I was so amazed with God’s leading to her heart. She agreed to join us in the ministry, she and the students.

We will be handling them 10+ Passion cans to be given to each of the extra curricular clubs joined by their students. It will be their way of outreach as well as being the modern day miracle themselves.

Also, we are given grace to be named Passion Savings Ministry, Inc by SEC and I praise Him for such promises He has to us who obey and follow His will 😊

Isn’t God great? My prayer is for each of us to keep pressing on this faith walk.

Honestly, this September was full of inexplicable events.

I call it ‘Of Tears and Of Joy’.

Been swimming in tears lately…

There’s this cup in my heart asking God to take away this growing pressure and a voice calming the raging sea and reminding me that in my emptiness I will be filled. In my brokenness, I will be satisfied.

No turning back.

Forgive me if I failed to collect this whole month of September for our support. It was a struggle. I have schedules cancelled because of this wrong state of heart I lately have. Been repenting everyday and seeing grace to move forward.

And honestly, it humbles me to know that my God is enough for me to believe.

I praise Him for even before we started this support, God was giving us His grace to believe that He will provide by faith.

What I have in my hands may look worthless in my sight but to Him, like Moses’ rod, He can perform miracles.

And while listening to a testimony last night at our youth service, I was so moved to keep on responding to God’s voice.

Those words I used to say, “I can’t say no to God,” reminded me that I received this call for His glory and none for me or for anyone.

No matter situation we have, God is faithful to lead us. Pray with me. Let us be each and everyone’s strength in this fallen world.

Happy is the one who endures testing, because when he has proven to be genuine, he will receive the crown of life that God promised to those who love him. -James 1:12

Praise Him! No turning back 😊

PS: kindly message me so I could redeem your numbers. I have changed phone and lost majority of my contacts. Do introduce yourself 😊 Praying to see you all soon! Grace be with us 😊


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