Work Worries


Oh, how I missed my table, my computer and my mug. Will today be the last day?

June 23, 2013 – Day 3, it is. I am writing this blog while in the four corners of my office. This week was full of sick leaves, and for nine more months I’ll be out the office, not because of petty excuses or other affiliation reasons but because of physical recovery.

After visiting the hospital for my sputum samples and blood examine results, I had to visit the office to see my client, a friend and a Krispy Kreme partner.

I knew I can tell her directly that big NO or just refer her to my co-office mates but I felt seeing her. I realized I got attached to her and to her stories despite knowing her just months ago.

After three days of no accounting duties but more of home and rest, I knew in myself how I want to go back to the office and be productive again.

My best friend at work were MS Excel, my calculator and Nideka. Everything changed when I started staying at home. I no longer do the payrolls, submit daily petty cash and review the company’s monthly expenses and payables. Sounds stress free, right? Yet, my body was looking for productivity.

Having my bed, Blue Magic pillows, and those medicines as my home friends were not that easy to accept. I am so not used to seeing myself laying down, surfing the net or reading books all day. I was as if looking for something more challenging. I was wanting my old lifestyle back.

Yet, God reminded me of His priorities for my life. He was pointing out not just my physical healing, but emotional, spiritual and overall healing. He’s not asking for my salary or work performance. He was seeking for a changed heart.

This afternoon, I texted a friend to speak up my mind, and as usual I do it randomly and more often than not expect nothing in return. Well, he absolutely didn’t mind even sending me love that time. (Peace!)

Honest to goodness, ever since I cut my twitter account and fasted over social networks, I felt how a part of my ‘intrapersonality’ died. I hardly share my thoughts and feelings to people. The more I enjoy my being a writer when expressing myself. Or even so, I tweet like a rifle.

Going back, I enjoy my work, the people, and the knowledge. My employers were just the most understanding and most considerate people I have known in business. Plus, they fill my heart with care, acceptance and love. (I will definitely miss my MJC Family…)

I enjoy talking to my clients not just about work load but most of all about life. For some reasons, I feel amazed whenever they open up and pour out their hearts. I then get the chance to minister to them and stand up for Christ.

Yet, today, there was this ache in my aorta. Can I let go of my work to prioritize my health? Will God allow me to do both, instead? Will my doctor send me back to work?

I was so over thinking of the next nine months for my treatment when God reminded me to set aside my worries and focus on Him.

As quoted from Come Thirsty of Max Lucado, worries are irrelevant. They do not add up another minute, day or even a chance for us to do better. They just deceive us, the more.

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
-Matthew 6:27, 33-34

So I received a question today: Do you want to worry less, Monique? Pray more.

Cast it away! Let Jesus be the way.


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