Passion to Save


I was looking for tin cans, asking out people if they have some at home. Unfortunately, most of them use powdered milk in boxes than in cans when Kuya Pards (maintenance from our office) led me to a hardware shop.

Me: Kuya, may mga lata ho ba kayo na binebenta?
Manong: Oo mam. Ilan kailangan mo?
Me: Magkano ho at patingin muna
Manong: Ay mam kayo ho ba un kasama ni Pards? Di kasi namin to binebenta sa mga clients.
Me: Oh? Seryoso kuya? Kaso magbabayad pa din ako..
Manong: Kayo bahala. Ilan ba?
Me: Ilan ho ba meron?
Manong: Gusto niyo 50 mam?
Me: 50? Kuya, nakakatuwa ka naman! Kaso di ko mabubuhat lahat yan pauwi.. Pwede 10 muna?
Manong: Onaman mam. Para san mam? Magtatanim kayo?
Me: (Ngumiti) Opo. Magtatanim ako.

…Magtatanim ako sa kaharian ni Lord 🙂

‘Twas a week of prayer. Been walking my way to the bank every after work to pray and claim that it will be His storagehouse.

Just a week ago, God impressed to me to open an account for His glory, the Passion Savings. He dealt to my heart to save, store and invest for people who desire to glorify God yet lack in finances, somehow.

Read it right.. It is not for my own pocket. It’s for Him. After being granted a scholarship from my employers last April 28, God kept on whispering to me one #BigWord: INVEST.

I was so filled with joy that day.I saw His miracles left and right! From the Motocross banner photo at Inquirer, scholarship on my last sem and having my bro graduate Summa.

Yet, it didn’t end there. God was serious with His #BigWord. The following day He led me to Matthew 6:19-21 and reminded me once more to store up, but this time on ‘treasures in heaven’.

I asked Him how?
I asked Him who?

But while meditating on the verses, I felt selfish, materialistic and magastos. God knew my desire to buy my own car someday. Yet during that night, He delivered me from my earthly desires. He kept repeating the words: Do not invest on things that rust. Invest on Me, on my Kingdom.

May 2, 2013, 2:00am. One of the most unforgettable days of my life. I prayed before hitting bed. He gave me the words. Passion to save. But to whom Lord? Whom shall we finance?

Woke up for meds when I got a chance to witness a miracle at a social network. Felt like I wasn’t the one talking to the person. Words like saving up for his education came out from my mouth when in reality I have my sister, family to invest with.

Yet, the joy was there! Unending joy, it was! And when I read the whole chat, I was greatly challenged with the faith revealed in the messages. Was it really me talking to him and sharing my faith?

Then some nights after, a friend who is a missionary texted and asked to be her ministry partner in terms of finances. Instead of that denial heart again, I replied yes with faith and yes to obey the calling God wants me to pursue.

Honestly, my heart breaks every time I head to the bank after work and pray. I hardly knew how to start such ministry. Plus, I just can’t let go of my comforts that instant.. But all I’m left is a heart that is willing to obey.

I asked God, “What is P10.00 to You?”
He said, “It can feed a young boy who is astray.”
“How about P2,000?”
“It can go to China and reach the people there.”

He returned the same questions to me, “How about you, Monique? Where do your P10.00 and P2,000.00 go?”

I wasn’t able to answer. Felt ashamed. After six months of accounting work, majority of my wage went to myself. 10 percent to Him, but the heart wasn’t that all out in investing to His Kingdom. I had doubts and, somehow, tempted not to be faithful.

The next bank visits became more and more powerful as He kept revealing His promises.

Last night, I told Him that tin cans look like not a good idea.

“Bakit mo ako pinahihirapan maghanap ng lata, Lord?”

Yet tonight, I prayed while holding 10 empty unused cans, declaring miracles over miracles, financial breakthroughs, passion for souls and His amazing grace.

God indeed provides! He has His ways always. He is the God of Miracles 🙂

And yes! The cans are ready. Now, the battle gets more challenging as I pray for hearts to be touched, prepared and be used for His glory. Tonight, He reminds me of Malachi 3:10.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

Subukin natin Siya!
Ready ka na ba? 🙂

God be lifted up!


3 thoughts on “Passion to Save

  1. .. struggle ko talaga ang pag-iimpok…pero dapat talagang matutunan ito….The word “money” is mentioned several times sa bible…mas marami pa sa word na “sin”..Dahil napakahalaga kay God na maging “wise” tayo sa pag handle ng pera…kaya naniniwala ako hindi natin dapat i-ignore ang tamang pag hawak at pag gastos ng nito..

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