Beyond Blessed


God be praised! He did what I couldn’t do. Died for me so I can live a life worth living 🙂

I am so humbled down by His grace. While at the fx, I saw familiar places where I used to rebel, talk harsh, curse people, and do stuffs Christians shouldn’t do.

Last November, I was battling with The Lord. Why He allowed my suspension to start on my 5th year last sem, in short a semester away from graduation.

’twas painful knowing that you could have been one of the Latin honors this March, entering a career path worth of your skills, and earning much as any laude graduate should. But He was just so eager to create a pure heart and a steadfast spirit in me.

I was praying for breakthrough and I hardly noticed that all the while I was so expecting in this world when my expectations should be on Him alone.

Now, the more He keeps revealing Himself. Indeed, no matter how painful, hard or unacceptable a situation is, He has a plan, a purpose.

The more He reminds us to depend on His amazing grace above all. :’)


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