1. Identify your anxieties
What are your anxieties?

Know your anxieties for they only add up on our hardships when, in reality, we can trust God and have faith on Him at all times.

2. Give it to God
Cast ALL your cares to God. Tell it all to God.

We should depend unto God who is sovereign, and is able to do all things. Let us not surrender our anxieties piece by piece but surrender everything to Him. When we trust God we should trust His will as well as his power.

Trust Him fully. Make the trust live in you.

3. Cast all your worries to God through the works of prayer.

Pray without ceasing. Pray at all times.

Prayer is recognition and acknowledgement that there is God and that we need Him in our life. It is also a warfare. When we seek Him, we wrestle in prayer. Be honest to God. Be free to talk to Jesus and focus on Him, and not on the problem.

On the other hand, there is a so called healthy anxiety. This occurs when we worry more of souls. This is a good type of worry.

Think God. Admit your weaknesses and dependency on Him. Anxiety is from the evil. It will just steal happiness, and all. Just keep in mind that there is nothing too difficult for God to handle. He cares for us. So when we bear anxieties in us, the more we should give it to God and allow Him go move in our life.

We can control our anxieties. We have victory when we put our anxieties to God.


By Ptra Luz Tamayo
Prayer Meeting
Taytay First Church of Nazarene
January 23, 2013


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