Fret not thyself


“Do you still believe God led you here?

I do. I said that without reservation or emendation. Further, I love you now by faith. What God’s doing I cannot say, but this I know: He has led us together. I am trusting Him in you to perfect these obvious lacks..”

-Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot (Chapter 32: How Do You Say No?)

Felt that grin after reading Chapter 32. Indeed, fret not thyself!

Waiting might sound hard, and impossible, yet, with the sound of prayer and seed of faith, God is more than willing to write the best life story for us, if only we’ll allow Him.

God is never reluctant. We may try to ask the heaven of stars what kind of person our love would be; the darkened sea how deep that wanted passion; or the wandering wind what song could we write. Still, none of them can assure us that perfect grace, that unfailing love, that immeasurable mercy our Savior has for us.

Even before time began, He first loved us. He loved us by faith. 🙂


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