Is there a dress code?


Formal yet sassy?

This has been a trend to me ever since I entered college. Just to share, I am really fond of collecting various types of dresses, blouses, skirts and the like. O how can I ever forget those moments I used to stride along the university corridor and attend classes wearing casual when I should be on my school uniform!

Allow me to testify how Jesus taught me not only the essence of love but also the meaning of a true and radiant beauty.

Knowing fashion while working as a Media/Press contributed a lot to my oh-so kaartehan in choosing outfits.

As a writer, I normally talk with men and athletes for my write ups. I felt back then that I should be at least the kind of reporter they would want to talk with and remember. So, I insisted to myself to be fresh-looking, adorable and pleasing. I started using make-ups, wearing a big smile on my face and such.

For me, it was kinda acceptable since I interview VIPs. However, in the long run, I realized how my heart was becoming materialistic, judgmental and too proud. A lot of times I chose not to repeat any of my tops at work, pushing me to spend a lot.

It was just lately when I totally understood the importance of femininity, purity and modesty to God’s eyes. (I would suggest for every woman to read Leslie Ludy’s good reads Authentic Beauty and Set-Apart Femininity.)

Honestly, it was difficult to humble down and be disciplined after years of tolerating a stubborn heart. Yet, God was so determined in changing not just from the clothes I wear but also with the words I speak, articles I write, books I read, and topics I tweet. It was like a massive overhaul.

To my surprise, I was no longer wearing those rugged, ‘punit-style’, hangin’, ‘mega-hapit‘ and thin linens. Outlooks can never define us. We may look good with our hairstyles, heels and figures but it will always be the heart that God will look at – the very motivations, desires and treasures of our hearts.

Above all, I learned that every day, before socializing with people, I first face my Creator. I ask myself two questions: With His eyes of grace, will He be pleased with the contents of my heart? With His unfailing Word, will I choose to fail Him?

My heart chooses to please not the most VIP of the world but the very Maker who designed me according to His image.

This world offers a lot of pleasures. If we won’t guard our hearts, fashion can hold us from becoming the set-apart girl God wants us to be.

In this world, we are bounded by dress codes, fashion statements and trends.
In His Word, God sees us through our hearts.

May we desire to claim in us the true and radiant beauty that comes from God.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
-Psalms 51:10


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