It’s not bad to laugh


I will be happy and rejoice in your faithfulness, because you notice my pain and you are aware of how distressed I am.
-Psalms 31:7

No one said that when we have problems, we must always frown. And even if there would be someone, I know I am firm to show a grin instead of a straight face.

Who said that frowning can erase any problem? Who ever said worrying can add another day to our lives?

I am amazed to the Filipino attitude. We, Filipinos, are known for our genuine smiles. Despite the struggles and burdens, we just can’t live and go on without smiling. We laugh out despite problems. We usually see more of the lighter side of life than its difficulties. We just smile against all odds.


These past few days, I was blessed with a very generous treat. From food, hotels, clothes to laughters and stories, God let me experienced relaxation and relief despite the worries and fears I had in my heart at the start of the semestral break.

It was so timely! I could still remember I was crying and pleading to God for peace of mind and serenity when issues rose left and right.

Last Thursday, my relatives visited Manila for three days and asked me to spend their city visit with them.

I had a blast of the most uncommon things I hardly do in my lifetime. My cousin Dianne was with me. For the record, it was really a very abnormal day to me. I was just strolling the mall, shopping everything, having my nails permed, eating my heart out, watching at the movie house and talking over and over again.


Yet, all of these events are not an excuse for me to halt my faith walk. As I spend a week of rural life, I am more amazed while glancing at the great creation of my God. My heart's blessed to have more time to meditate, reflect and relearn God's Word.

The food here is great and satisfying. The view of the surroundings is refreshing and relaxing. Yet, none can compare to the inexplicable satisfaction gained in God's plans and promises. Indeed, in His presence can true peace, relaxation and revival be truly attained. No homemade cuisine, or white sand, can be compared to His love and grace.

Currently, I am working on a new blog. I named it 'The Grace Reader' since I know in myself that I am forever captured by God's amazing grace. I may fail to be updated with the trends, but I will never stop speaking and proclaiming on how His grace daily transforms and saturates my life.

Yes, there are surprises along the way. Some can bring disappointment, happiness and the like. But it will always be a challenge on how we look on things and situations, whether we'll choose to set our eyes completely to Jesus or unto the waves and winds on our way.

We may be in the midst of a roaring storm or find ourselves walking along the wilderness. But God is able to fill every corner of our hearts, satisfy our souls, meet our needs and transform our minds.

Rejoice! He is always more than faithful. Forget how long and strenuous the walk may take. Let's fix our eyes to the author and finisher of our Faith. He will walk beside us. He will carry us.


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