Call for Suggestions


FELLOWS: I am gathering suggestions about books that are good read to the mind, heart and soul. I believe that the Bible’s the best among the best-sellers in the world. And yes, as a faithful book worm, I also believe that there are other books that help us in our Faith Walk with Christ, from salvation, spiritual growth, prayers, finances, purity, LCM, to evangelism, ministry, discipleship, leadership, and etc.

Honestly, it is my heart’s desire to share what I read. So, I plan to host a blog about books. And of course, this will still include Bible verses like my first blog:

This will be a new one. And, my heart is so excited. I know that I may not be totally equipped for this but I am praying for God to take me as He leads. I seek to be an instrument of His Word and a Salt and Light to this world.

From time to time, I will need recommendations and suggestions about book titles and authors. You may also share how it helped you personally. Kindly post them here or message them to me. I’ll appreciate them all. Godbless your heart! 😀

PS: I’ll inform you when the blog’s out. Thanks! 🙂


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