God Heals


God has made everything fit beautifully in its appropriate time, but he has also placed ignorance in the human heart so that people cannot discover what God has ordained, from the beginning to the end of their lives.
-Ecclesiastes 3:11

“Thank you, ate.”

After hearing those words from my younger brother, I knew my heart melted in joy! People say ‘Time heals’ but it’s far more than a miracle when God heals. It leaves you speechless yet so overwhelmed. How can I thank Him for His faithfulness!

March 1, 2012, a Cold War was unofficially declared. A SMS bridged our friendship, brotherly love and family relationship. It was one of my saddest memories. I was at my friend’s house when we had misunderstanding. Since then, we never talked, greeted each other, ate at one table, watched the television, walked beside each other, or even smiled at each faces.

Monotonous. Dull. Dim.

At first, I was trying to reach him out. I remembered buying a Tattoo stick for him that month, yet received a regret letter saying, ‘Don’t give me a thing that I don’t need, kid’, in return.

He was my best young brother, the drummer, the leader, the scholar, the first believer, at our home. Though my parents used to compare him to me, I never cared much. I still rejoice over his achievements as I mind my own crazy little world.

When we weren’t in good terms, I felt lost at home. I saw myself alone. My old buddy was no longer talking and sharing stuffs to me. So, when summer approached, I preferred to stay at Manila. I chose to be far away from the family house. I had deep lonely nights at the office. I slept there alone. I learned the art of enjoying my own self. In a way, I knew I had to do those things because I wanted peace. And, maybe, I’m still not used to the feeling that most of my loved ones in college were gone.

Today, I had the biggest smiles and shyest tears on my face! I was not expecting such scene but I just had it before my very own eyes. My brother just held my hand. Thanked me. Touched my head. Whispered a prayer. It was the sweetest gesture I have ever felt from him after the long months of silence we had.

I wanted to respond but I was left speechless. Tears were sneaking over my eyes as I tried to hide them from my mom. I gave him the clubhouse I received from the Career Talk. Funny, smiles never left my face after that golden time. My heart was leaping for joy, thanking God for His awesomeness in allowing such moment!

More than a dream, I must say.

To recall: My sister Lyka messaged me this morning that our brother got injured in a basketball game. His right shoulder was dislocated. He was rushed from one hospital to another by friends and alumni from Risci. They had to search for a hospital where there’s an orthopedic to provide tests and examinations until they settled at Cardona, Rizal.

Though I and my brother were no longer close than before, I still found myself worrying over his case. I was clueless re what and how it happened to him. So, I breathed a prayer and trusted God to guide him all the way.


Before leaving Manila, I posted a status at Facebook and Twitter sharing the condition of my brother. I sought for prayers from friends, churchmates and other people.

Unexpected, my family was already home before I arrived at our place. I was from a Career Talk at my highschool alma mater and I thought that the whole household could be at an hospital or somewhere due to the accident.

I was wrong. Lyka texted that they were at the house so I headed to our subdivision after a short trip at SM Taytay to see new stuffs and free the mind.

When I arrived at home, I never knew that we would be friends again, that God was working on us and that He used the situation for us to reflect that we are forever siblings, by blood and by water.

Indeed, in all circumstances, Jesus has a reason. No matter how pretty or ugly a situation would be, He has a purpose.

God makes ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME. There is a time and season for everything. He allows both happiness and sadness to occur in order for us to prepare our hearts and to live with a challenge, to love and praise Him more despite any circumstance we encounter.

Thank You, Lord! You are truly the best Healer of all.

Eventually, I know that You’ll heal our hearts, make it clean and new. 🙂

I pray for my brother’s complete healing. May God provide strength to him everyday, patience to my mother, consideration from his friends and love from all of us. Thanks, Lord. I love You 🙂

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