Smile that blue away


With one camera click, such blues disappear.

Today, I wanted to smile like I own the biggest smiley on earth. πŸ˜€

My parents usually ask me why I just smile back despite hearing sermons, nagging and headaches from them. They want me to answer, to speak up, to feel the hype of the argument. However, much of how I want to, my lips just smile instead.

I hate getting mad. I don’t like the feeling of being angry or the tendency of murmuring over something. I just don’t want being like that.

I could remember when people called me ‘Ligaya’ in high school. I never knew why but I believe they saw something with my smiles. It’s my asset. Laugh. It influences, rather.

Smiling is my favorite hobby. It’s actually my lifestyle. With company or alone, I always carry a smile on my face. It makes me lighter that way.

I believe that smiling is like a flu. You can easily affect people with it. To a stranger or to a friend, smiling is a very effective way to brighten up one’s day.

Though I know I must somehow show other emotions, I still prefer to keep smiling, like there’s something in me that urges and encourages me to have that grin despite an epic day.

Each day, I discover how and what makes people smile.

During leisure, I just sit wherever there’s a free seat and start playing my favorite game: people watching. My very goal whenever I observe is to discover how people react. Basically, to learn what makes normal people smile.

Whatever mood I am into, this game never fails to surprise me. There are just so many thoughts to gain and learning in every observation I make. Stories are made. Issues branch a new issue to another.

Personally, it is so uplifting to watch children so satisfied and joyful while playing hide and seek; gaze at lovers dancing in the rain; see Manong ice cream walking his way with a bell in his palm; students talking about the latest movies; and, teens taking pictures around the corridors, and the like.

At times when I recall such scenarios, I envy those people. They live a plain life, with simple joys, with free scheds to do and go any where, any time.

Somehow, my heart yearns to enjoy such happiness, like when no rain can stop me from running in circles, no failing mark can turn down my dreams, no typhoon can hinder me from heading to places, no colds can shut me from waking up with a big Good Morning on my head after answering a phone call from a….ehem. Well, that’s another story. ❀

It frustrates me whenever I seek to smile with a sting of bitterness in my heart. I hate that. I want to smile innocently and genuinely. Laugh at problems, live with a blue sky and love like a love song, I mean love selflessly.

No matter how ironic each day go, keep that smile from inside and out. It always helps. πŸ™‚



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