How not to be a Jerk!

“Don’t assume.”

That’s often the advice given to women that when a man is nice to her, it doesn’t mean he’s into her. TRUE. But, I do want to point out that a woman will likely end up getting confused when a nice young man pops into her life, or someone known to her starts doing one or more of the following: communicating with her daily whether through text/call/chat, asking her to hang out alone, telling her she’s missed, constantly complimenting her, surprising her, etc. I’m not saying don’t be a gentleman, or that women shouldn’t use wisdom in relating with men (that’s a whole other issue). In fact, the examples I have given may even be a bit extreme. All I’m saying is that, guys, your actions, touch, especially your words and attention, speak VOLUMES to women! A young lady out there might already be struggling not to fall for you because she “can’t assume,” even though she’s been trying her best to be wise in guarding her heart!

The bible says to treat “…women as sisters, in ALL purity” (1 Timothy 5:2)! ALL!! That includes emotional purity, which is one of the hardest issues that most women struggle with! Again, women should at all cost do their part in guarding their emotional purity. However, men, you have a big part in helping your sisters out. By how? By treating them as sisters, as true princesses, as the brides of Christ! Just like you, we are chosen, royal, and holy, destined to proclaim the praises of Him Who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9).

So boys, man up!

If you’re into her, don’t flirt with her; pursue her. You are called to lead and the best way to start is being persistent in prayer. Have a plan. Ask the tough questions to yourself first before doing anything. Be wise in your words and in your actions. Be truthful with her. Don’t even allow her to get confused by doing special things to and with her without telling her how you feel. Be consistent and let the Lord guide you in the pursuit.

If you like her but aren’t ready to be in a relationship that will potentially lead to marriage, then stop right there. Don’t you start building anything special with this girl thinking you’ll commit when you’re ready. Be a genuine friend and brother and let the Lord map out the course of this genuine friendship.

If you don’t like her, but find yourself liking the benefits this no commitment thing is giving you, please stop. Go get the emotional fulfillment from God and not from this poor girl. And please, don’t pull the “don’t assume” card on her! Don’t be a jerk!

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