A friend in a dream

He disappeared.

I was shocked when I woke up today. I had a terrible nightmare.

I saw how two persons took him. I can paint some of the scenes in my mind but I hardly can remember the sequence. It’s actually torturing my head. I just can’t believe that I met a friend in a dream and then on the same dream he vanished.

Honestly, I might tremble to fear and trauma as I write this but I am more than thankful for the peace of God that reigned in me. I prayed after. I don’t know him, but I prayed and rebuked the bad dream.

I’m writing this for I just want to find answers with the things I could still remember.

His name is Johnny/Jannie. He was white yet talked straight Filipino; wore red polo and blue jeans and carried a red netbook with him. He was good looking, though I was taller than him. Also, I felt older than him when we met.

My dream was like a big problem solving exam. Though not math problems, there were mazes before us to solve.

How did I met little Johnny?

I was with some friends. We decided to go to a mall. We were eating in a resto when I got lost. We happened to discover this press conference along our way. We were able to attend since we’re media men. So my friends got their passes. When it was already my turn, I found out that I left my press ID at the car.

I had to return to the parking lot and get my ID.

Transition. I walked long. It was no longer my way back to the car. I was lost.

I reached a slum area, populated, noisy, messy and the like. I asked some people but they weren’t answering. So I walked and kept walking.

To my surprise, the next streets were full of animals! Big and many animals. It was like putting the wild in the city.

Transition. When I looked back, the slum area turned into a massive area of animals. There were no longer people. I knew I was terribly lost. I no longer wanted to walk when I saw a boy.

Yes. I saw Johnny. He was lost too but more confident than me. He was thinking how to survive the place and return back to his place.

Honestly, I can’t remember what happened next but as I’ve said we solved problems related to animals, like how the wild won’t get us alive, see us or awake them.

It was an adventure, a wild and crazy one.

Until we saw two men. We were so happy for we felt as if we might be closer to home. But, what happened was otherwise. Well, I got home while Johnny didn’t.

It was too late for us to realize that these men were the bad guys. They take lives. We thought that the wild’s can be the reason of death. But, no. We overcome the puzzles to get home safely when these men got in the picture.

I remembered Johnny helped me to get back into my home, into my bed. We were running. We arrived at my place but no one’s around. I saw my bed and felt safe. Now, Johnny had to leave so I told him some words before he left me.

“Laban lang. Nasa isip lang ‘yan.”

I was referring to the problems we have solved. It was all in the mind.

Only that, I then went out of my room to check on him and maybe to bid farewell when I saw he got caught.

I got scared and didn’t dare to look what happened, but I was sad. I returned to bed and then woke up. I interceded by heart. I tweeted. Then, I tapped down everything I could remember in my iPad.

So skeptical but it all happened in a dream.

Goodbye, Johnny.


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