Walking along

Can we just stop and talk a while? 🙂

Tell me stories about God, people’s testimonies and how a man survives this weary and demanding world. For sure, we’ll forget about time, walk a lot, and get ‘dugyot‘ to the nth power.

I fly into this life through my feet; eat less but crave much, enjoy people-watching, travel with my big black back pack, wear anything that is worth the mix and match and talk and talk and talk again.

Day-to-day, things unfold and transform.

Much of the time I used to spend in dressing up, I get to devote more for God. As each day pass, the more the heart yearns to get lost forever in His love, be saturated of His Word and live like each day’s my last.

Despite my oh-so usual routines, I love listening to music, praying for people and learning from them about living, breathing and making the best out of this God-given life.

Today, I walked again. Only that this time I had a partner. I know it’s unusual. But I did and he was a him. May sound ordinary but honestly it’s so new to me.

Everyone almost knows that I am not used having someone beside me as I stroll along places I get passed with.

What’s even more new. He is a new friend. From honesty to goodness, I know less about this man. Still, this never hindered me from enjoying to listen, learn and long for more.

Yet, I just felt that today wasn’t a good day to have him seeing a part of my life’s continuing struggle. I felt my tears trying to fall but were a bit shy to do so since I was with him. I had to endure the pain and that made it more painful.

Personally, I had that sting of pain after talking briefly with some friends I visited. Despite my excitement to see them, the joy I was holding before turned to such despair. I was disappointed.

I was trying to have that ‘myself moment’ when I remembered I have a companion tonight. Since he’s new, I was reminded. And, the more I got irritated when he insisted to accompany me home. Yet, I was controlling myself. He’s new. He’s a new friend.

So we arrived at my place. We were good, though I know I wasn’t that much. I had to smile, not to please him but to fight the blue away.

Then, there went the story-telling again. I tried to listen. Again, I tried to smile.

I thought I was a failure after those trying hard moments. All day long, I got him tired and dirty and made him walk like forever. Even so, I knew my stories weren’t good enough to make his day.

I wanted to get rid of him after hearing rough words from some friends. Why did he choose to stay?

Just so I would understand, I had to bid a big SALAMAT before he left. I had no reasons to say. I knew that I was very glad after he chose to stay. He could have went home and rest along his way.

To many, I am simple and mild. But to those who have seen the changes, my life became complicated. The more I made it complicated actually.

Still, I thank God for giving me people who never fail to encourage, to inspire and to stay even during storms signal number five.

Thanks, Sir! You deserve a great high five. Keep the faith. 😀


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