A Stranded Surprise

Happy heart. New friends. Cool fellowship. Good memoirs. Thank You, Lord! 🙂

Another experience with floods and getting stranded.

God never fails to surprise me. I might got home late tonight but He again blessed my heart with new memories.

I came from work before I encountered España’s usual-yet-unusual flood and traffic today. To my surprise, the FX driver told us that the roads are no longer passable. In short, he wanted us to leave the transpo.

I had stranded moments before but today was the wildest. I had to pass the so indescribable flood at España just to get home.

But heading home soaked wasn’t the result. I had a stopover! A friend helped me and introduced me to a family who warmly welcomed me in their home. Before I knew it, the flood already subsided. Praise God!

I thank God for meeting new friends whom I had a cool fellowship tonight. I even got the opportunity to get along with someone familiar.

As said in a prayer we uttered before we left the place, today wasn’t an accident.

Wow! Even tragedies can be used by God for a reason. I am amazed! God is always good 🙂



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