Text: Romans 12:7 – If it is serving, let him serve

Ministering with other nationalities is really challenging.
Diversity is present but God’s presence helps everyone to understand and learn each others’ culture, world views and backgrounds.

God’s provision will flow as long as we obey his calling.

One or two gathered in His Name, God is present, indeed.
The importance of one soul is great. There is rejoice in heaven when people receive Jesus.

When we share and show witness to people, God enables us to testify God’s goodness and holiness.

Response to the need.
Haiti is one of the countries offered to Satan. People here celebrates the death of Jesus. They have voodoos. They brag their status, being jobless, unemployed and one of the poorest countries in the world.

Still they need hope. They have souls. We need to bring hope to these people.

We are all blessed. With all that we’re experiencing, we are still blessed God gave us life. In Haiti, there is no electricity, water is lacking.

Jesus came to earth to serve and not to be served.
Will I serve God even without my luxuries and wants in life? Christ chose to serve even without the comforts of the earth.

God will equip us in speaking and serving people. His confidence is with us.
We can be an answer to someone’s prayer. We need just to keep on going.

We are called to serve the Lord. It may be here in the country, or abroad.
Don’t be afraid to follow God’s calling. He is able to provide finances, strength and confidence.

By Ptra Janary Suyat
August 12, 2012
Generation Congregation


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