Text: Exodus 32

How do you keep yourself motivated? To keep us going and reaching out for people?

One of the hardest thing to pursue is maintaining and improving oneself how to be consistent.

But for Olympian Michael Phelps he believed that he needs to excel and be consistent.
“I wanted to change the sport and take it to another level,” he said.

To share the gospel, we are commissioned to be God’s hands and feet. It is really a challenge to overcome God’s calling. But as long as we’re with God, he is willing to help us.
Exodus 32 – the Israelites were complaining, grumbling. They didn’t know what happened. In result, they made a golden calf thru their jewelry. V.7 they became corrupt.

How to keep oneself motivated in sharing God’s love:

1. We are all, as sinners, recipients of God’s wrath. V.7
We are too stubborn. V.14 The Lord’s anger burned against Moses.
We can be happy without sinning.
When the enemy is tempting us to quit, always remember God never quitted on us.

2. God is interested on us taking ownership of His plan for the people’s salvation
God’s nature is loving, holy and merciful.
Moses placed himself in God’s shoes. God’s interested with our souls, our lives to be saved.

3. God’s promises can never be broken! V.13

We are living today with God’s hand upon us. Remember: Never will his promises change. It will ultimately happen. It can never be broken. If we only do our covenant to him, we will fully experience the power of his promises. Our God is unchanging and so does His Word. The message He said during the OT is the same up to present and future.

As we serve God through serving ‘hard people’, always remember these three things to keep motivated for God’s glory. Do great things for Him!


by Ptr. Sam Tamayo
August 5, 2012
TFCN 10:30am service


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