Prayer of A Warrior, not a Worrier

Dear God,

Today is my first time to get stranded.
I’m here at my workplace, in Makati.

Lord, my heart is breaking as I realize how mankind is so lame to take care of your creation. Sorry if we weren’t able to act as food stewards of your gifts to us. We know that as this situation in our country pursues, You are dealing to every child of Yours to trust in your power and stillness.

Lord, I seek for Your guidance and comfort to every Filipino experiencing heavy rains and high floods at their area now. May You cover us with your Holy Blood and keep us way from danger.

I pray, as well, for our national government that You touch their hearts and remind them of their duty as public servants in the midst of this tragedy. I seek for Your hands to help them raise the needed funds to help the Filipinos who are stranded, homeless and starving. Even so, I pray for each Filipino to be reminded of his/her duty as caretakers of the world you created for us..

Lord, may Your grace be upon us as You remind each individual that life is indeed short and that you have given us dominion over all you have created. May we be able to realize our setbacks in conserving nature and do an action that will contribute to our homeland as we glorify and magnify Your Name.

Indeed,we are grateful for everything you created. Teach our hearts to pray not just during situations like this but may we be able to make it as a lifestyle. Thank You, Lord.

I love You, God.
amen. :’)








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