Lost Forever in His Love

Tonight, all I did was cry.

One word kept lingering on my blank head. “Why?”

I never expected that I would ever pass this time of my life. I never knew that this kind of circumstance would come. That I would be ever part of such.

After an exam, I felt myself. I felt how issues are affecting me, my studies, my health, my mind, my all.
The battle was really in the mind. I was depressed. I was to give up. I was to let go.

But, no! I am a history maker. I am loved. I am His.

Alone at the office, I was singing this song. And out of the weariness of my heart, I saw myself on my knees, in tears, pleading to God for help, for wisdom, for peace.

I just can’t help it. For months people saw how I kept strong despite the dryness.. Yet they never knew that whenever I’m alone, I run to my Home.. like a child, lost yet searching, helpless yet hopeful, wandering yet calling her Father’s Name. I knew that He’s all I need. That He’s the only solution.

I was so overwhelmed I never minded the time. All I wanted was to rest in His arms, to lie beside Him.. to be lost forever in His love.

Jesus, I need You.
I lay down everything at Your feet..
Come and take Your place.

Amen. :’)


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