Serene Chaos

Amidst the chaos from within, God sends out people who encourage and pray with you unceasingly.

I know I’m not perfect and that I live in an imperfect world but knowing that there is a perfect Savior whose love is so unfailing, so perfect, I then realized that there is no other great person or living being who can ever calm this life’s raging storm and sea.

How can I ever comprehend His greatness? How can I ever understand His power? How can I ever?

My heart says I am weak, too weary for this hectic world, yet His Word speaks that through Him I am strong, that through Him comes victory.

This I learn that not just in happiness and success but most of all in trials and pains, I have a God who in His still small voice utters life’s best solution of all, Jesus.

To learn to be still, to know that He is God, to acknowledge His sovereignty and to declare that He is my Savior, my Freedom, my ever present help in times of need, I believe God has a reason for every season I have in my life.

Thank You, Lord. Always have Your way in me. I love You. ♥

Amen. :’)


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