Queen of ARTS

June 2009 – How will I ever forget that moment when our simple paths crossed?

“Kaw ba ‘yong bago din na probi?,” a soft voice asked.

“Ako nga,” I answered quickly.

“Hi! I’m Thresha. Balik ako maya ha? Nag-log-in lang ako.”

Then you walked away.

I was all alone in that still dull room when you came in and approached me with your warm smiles. If I could still remember I had regrets whether calling you ‘Mam’ or ‘ate’ that time. Laugh.

All I know is that I knew right then that we would be good friends. 🙂

And it did.

I was given an opportunity to have a true and trusted friend at the University of the East. A sister in Christ, a prayer warrior, an encourager, a scholar, an artist, a teacher, a musician, a chorale member, and a frustrated comedian. XD

From our unripe sophomore years to our unending sisterhood, I believe God used the Dawn in watering our seed of friendship. Well, we might have had teary and discouraging events in meeting deadlines and obeying but we did learn a lot not only in campus paper management but also in facing life.

Those were the times when all we wanted was to publish our contributions, moments when we seek for scholarships, months when we feel like giving up because of the attitudes of our seniors.

Yes. Those were the days when all we did was serve our seniors, clean the office and be scolded, but I believe those events did serve as footsteps on building a strong relationship we have.

I could still recall the days when you were so depressed that you arrived to counseling and absences. You talked to me and let me listen to your pleas and song composition.

Even to me. When I faced my worst problem of all, you were there to listen and encourage. You showed comfort through prayers and songs.

Now as you push through to another year of your life, I know that God has set a new chapter for you to unfold, on your career and to your family.

Honestly, I never tried to attend this year’s graduation. I knew it will ache my heart. Well, I am epic grateful for your milestone, however a part of me just can’t wave goodbye.

But God gave me a bigger understanding. He set my heart that no matter how hard we see each other, our friendship will still pursue. My love for your family will still be the same.

And I know I can. We can. We can through Christ.

Friend, as you have kept strong as before, I know the stronger and more mature you are this time.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

-2 Timothy 1:7

God is amazing, dear. Out of the unusual, He can create the best. Never hesitate to go beyond your limits, the best is yet to come.

Happy birthday! 🙂

I love you soooo. And I know that you will always be loved like a treasure and the grace God has for us.

Just keep that heart to our beautiful Savior. He will indeed take good care of it.

Thank you. I will miss you. Godbless!

Love. Love. Love.

Treque ❤


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