Mr. Media Man

Mr. Media Man

Heaven will hear your name. Tonight I’m praying. I’ll keep on praying for you.

-Prayer to a Friend, Katinas

03.26.2011, 9:11pm

I was just surfing the net when I noticed his name in my Skype list.

Clicked. Greeted him. He replied. And the conversation ran for two exciting hours.

We chatted like I had no readings to finish for my exams that day, and like he has no work to do for his media career. Funny, but our being very vocal just flooded the chat box with laughter, concerns and clichés.

Well, it started with a question. His question..

“Monique.. Would you mind if dalawin kita sa dawn office one of these days?”

I replied sure with a smiley at once. Then he said, “I mean, dalawin kita AND the dawn office.”

I somehow laughed when I received his message. I asked myself why should I hesitate a gentleman who open-heartedly welcomes me on his own office? Why should I when the heart agrees on seeing him personally?

It actually leaped for joy when he was eagerly trying to put me on his sched just to pay a visit this coming Thursday, a day before his graduation.

Of course, seeing him again will add smiles on my face but knowing that this person’s giving me extra treatment is a little too unusual.

To quote him, he said, “Seriously, if you need an ear to listen to you, or a shoulder you could lean on, andito lang ako. I don’t know, i just feel magaan towards you eh.”

Then with a return message re my burden, “They should understand if they really care, that’s my opinion. but don’t worry, I say naiintindihan kita, kasi i care. even though, using your own words, di pa naman ganun kalalim ang friendship natin.”

Sweet?  Sort of. But I consider him more of a good and quick listener. That’s what I like about him the most. He never fails to listen. Despite his restless body, and tired eyes, he would still manage to hold his phone to listen to my pleas..

Since we haven’t talked and seen each other for months due to consecutive events, school works and pressworks, we grabbed the chance to chase what we have left behind – stories.

He was excited to share his new work when I was confused on how to utter my recent problem.

But, I knew right then that our talk will not be about pubs, but of us- our plain human lives, his first work and of course my faith as a born-again Christian.

So we weren’t able to mind the time. All I just wanted to do was chat with him, about his fast-approaching graduation, his secretly new work, and some burdens which both of us understand.

I guess he was right. There’s really a mutual feeling both of us are captivated and puzzled with. We feel light with each other like sharing out stories easily and responding promptly as well.

We do not hesitate uttering about new ideas despite this unknown feeling. Instead, we eye to get to know each other more, as we pursue this God-given friendship.

I am just so happy to know how he’s becoming successful nowadays, how God is using events for Him to get closer with him and how a simple topic’s overwhelmed our hearts for two hours.


Mr. Media Man,

I may find your name on Facebook, Twitter and other social network cites, but I would still prefer to see you personally, talk with you about clumsy things and learn more not only about campus paper management but also more of the life we have.

May God grant us that long-awaited hour.

Can’t wait to see you soon, friend.

And the chat ended exactly 11:34 pm

“Ikaw din, ingat ka! :)”


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