Him as the Closest Pal

close to God

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you!

James 4:8

At times we may feel that we are walking alone in this weary world. But, the truth is, we aren’t.

In this life, we are guided by our Father, led by His grace, reminded by His Spirit. He indeed has planned a great future to his children yet we sometimes overlook the greatness of our God and decide on our own choices, on our own life.

However, this life is astray apart from Him. This heart of ours needs a light to follow. It has to have a purpose for it to grow and bloom.

Instead of drowning oneself to the pressure of this world, think of how God is reaching out our cold hearts to be with Him again and help us in our hardships.

It is not God who withdraws in a commitment. Admit it or not, it is us who prefer to do our freewill than His. If only we choose to obey, then we will learn to cherish the relationship God offers, the free gift of eternity He upholds.

Still, our Father seeks to redeem us back. Back into His arms again. He, together with his angels, rejoices whenever a soul decides to walk in His righteousness, to walk in His light, with Him.

Let our hearts be untroubled. God offers the best answer to this life’s innumerable questions. We just have to draw near to Him, trust and follow.

 Make Him the closest and best buddy of this life.


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