A day before their last week


DMG: Rita, Me, and Gelyka

We are just so ready whenever cameras are available.

We are indeed happy whenever we’re together.

I, being with her, being with them, ain’t a waste of time.


We are the Dawn Manila Girls.

We are born to write, to grow, and of course to love.  

We are DMG forever.

We are.

Ma’am Gelyka, Ma’am Rita:

A week after today, both of you are about to march out from your college years. By then, you are to enter another unread chapter to reach anew milestone of  life. 😉

You may not be aware of it but my heart’s overwhelmed everyday. I am blessed to have you around and I will be missing every moment the three of us enjoy doing, laugh at, cry over, talk about and crave with.

College chapter will never be the same without this heart being filled with your appreciation, encouragement, concern and story.

It may be a part of history but it will be surely remembered.

I’ll be enjoying the last week as us, being complete.

Nevertheless, much am I excited to see you wearing those black togas and be rugged with your new workplaces. XD

An answered prayer that God has definitely blessed us, the fulfillment of the heart’s desire, better yet every parent’s, that is to graduate (on time! I repeat: On time!), is something to be very grateful. And I am with your parents to count.

Even if you’ll be no longer be striding around Lualhati’s courts, I know that you’ll leave a legacy, a mark not only to the University but also to me.

Live life loving limitless, fellows.

“We live, we love, we forgive and never give up ’cause the days we are given are gifts from above and today we remember to live and to love.”

We live, Superchicks

Thank you very much. Godbless!  🙂




PS: I hope that we’ll be together again at the GenCon’s youth camp.. I will keep on praying. May He allow.. 


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