Love’s Lost

Less I could ever imagine

This simple word would allow such beginnings

Things I never thought of happening

Yet, gave my life a very important meaning

“To love and to be loved”, as most people say

But others response, “Come what may”

All may love and express it in various ways

Yet, may leave some thoughts in vivid gray

Ah yeah.. love

It was once only a plain word

Yet was given life to color this weary world

One lonely day

I too was captured by its scent

Lost on it’s own world

Mesmerized by it’s power

Years grew older as I stayed on it’s embrace

Calming waters, chilling breeze, cooling diamonds

All was in it

But, one thing’s still unprepared


While reading a book

I sought to find

“Never awaken love until it is ready..”

I then realized

I have loved but not true

I have not shared it properly

I had it from birth but failed to nurture

Days gone by so fast

Through my dear friends and beloved family

This life taught me a purpose

To love

No words can express its mystery

It’s an answer that God’s given

To share His magnificent and undying grace

Timid I may be to express this verb

But, honestly, I see my best in silence and less words.

To me, letters mature and fade

But the heart’s touch wouldn’t

I know

I have loved

And, will always will

06.26.09, 3:40pm


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