I see it dishonorable to speak in front of people with that condemning eyes and rebuking tongue especially when we ourselves have iniquities of our own.

I don’t know you personally. But, it was not so long ago since I became part of a one-on-one talk with you. With your welcoming arms and preppy answers, what I thought so down-to-earth was just a tip of an iceberg; a sugar-coated cupcake like you shared to us that interview.

Allow me to correct you after flooding us with your corrections without even experiencing the Dawn’s history, by merely listening to stories and by somehow just reading it.

To be honest, by simply recalling the past will not help the present Editorial Board (EB). If you are trying your best to improve this institution, try considering a student-journalist of this generation. Take it from a student-writer, from a Dawner in the 21st century.

Allow us to make an identity to the new Dawn we are establishing. We are dead sick with those comparisons. Name all you know. Compare them all to us. But 60’s are the 60’s. They had their days. Those were their times.

For your awareness, the EB is breaking free from what we have observed ‘immoral’ with the Dawn’s culture and tradition. With our three and a half years inside the four walls of the Dawn office, the EB serves as a witness to this publication’s struggles. We have weighed which is which, not because we are a part of what you have judged us wrong, but because we experienced the labor, bore the pressure and carried the burdens until we were given the post.

With these, we ourselves can identify what would benefit the pub, and improve its technicalities – from the style book to the layout.

To count the innumerable reasons on suspending the Dawn, whether you are Lualhati’s child or not will never be enough to cut the 64 genuine campus press freedom this institution upholds. Even our three years of stay in this institution will never be sufficient to end that freedom.

Personally, it disheartens me to see how the Dawn’s name being dragged. I entered this institution without any intention on staining its glorious years or, worse, see it end.

Yet, there are those who look down on it, condemn and judge it.

It is sometimes hilarious to disclose with people who persist on judging the campus paper when they themselves find journalism a jargon, just like defining a lampoon for example. Don’t get me wrong. We have the freedom of expression.

Obviously, once you’re in journalism to write well is never the end-all, be-all of a pen’s power. To Salman Rushdie, “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”

History can tell how this publication produced paramount writers in the industry. Yet, there are some who insist that the golden era died with the years. Actually, it didn’t. It even flourished fearless campus journalism even after the Martial Law. It persisted reporting on issues for the studentry, and not by just merely impressing its audience.

We are not here to impress, but to inform. We play an adversarial role in writing history. Whether technical or ethics, history can prove that Dawners are competent, credible and have integrity.

Every Dawner knows this and experienced this: Never expect us to just go with the flow. We will keep on defending the Dawn, be the mouthpiece of the studentry and write what every UEan needs to know.

At the end of the day, we are part of the growing family of the Dawn. Detractors may come and go but this institution will remain firm with its purpose – to serve and uphold its unfaltering commitment to press freedom and people’s rights.

These humble beginnings at the Dawn are just a preparation to what the dominant media have in stored for student-journalists like us. Ideologies then may clash. Needs may overcome principles. Emotions may overwhelm advocacies. But, as long as we prefer to deliver what is newsworthy, must and true, we will convey to serve our audience. We will remain as watchdogs in the silence even when words are not enough.


By the way, thanks for the concerns and interrogations and sorry if we seemed to be a mediocre in solving this institution’s issues.

Mind you, we survived.


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