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“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”

-Psalms 119:18

In the existence of laws comes the power of rights.

Laws and rights are both expected to be evident. However, both clash inevitably.

When the law sets standards, people justify their rights not to oppose adamantly but to express reasonably their pleas.

And obviously, rights are never seasonal. These always go with can and not with may. Rights are not just conversed because of timely occurrence but to remind the public and ignite them to exercise their rights. When not aware, we fail to commit ourselves to what is a must and just.

Remember: when we talk of rights, these do not only refer to suffrage but even to the smallest detail a youth can practice to enjoy and make up his life, and his community.

If in college we neglect such, how more in the real world where verdicts govern?


In a conversation with the Editor of a state college publication, concerns such as tuition and other fees are not new to tackle.

Asked if they favor on increasing their budgets, they boldly expressed refusal.

To many, additional funds are good to the ear for these will help in improving and promoting a more progressive newspaper. But, to them, if such funds are asked from the students’ pockets, then the answer is always a no.

Somehow, their rebuffs added enlightenment. With the incessant increase of prices and printing expenses, such fees are rational to hike.

However, when the heart’s desire is to serve, no matter how low the cost, student journalists remain eager to advance and protect the right of every student to seek, receive and impart information to any medium without any interference.


Honestly, the present University Elections is no longer as intense as the poll wars before.

Even so, majority of the UEnian population no longer participate in the university-wide selection of student leaders.

Seemingly, the voting battles tend to be just a part of the institution’s activity and no longer an extreme way for radical change within the four walls of Lualhati.

So, enough with the public display of attention. Be visible enough so the youth can feel the reforms exclaimed during campaign.

Never work for appreciation. Student leaders serve the studentry, the mass.

If we seek for progress, we should know who is who. Elevate the UE experience, not alleviate it. Who would want it lessened, anyway?


If there is one thing that’s constant, it is change.

This is not a jargon to anyone. Yet, change is too vast to be an element in promoting one’s vision for an institution and for the nation.

This can be either beneficial or not, depending upon one’s mindset and heart for progress.

But, one thing remains a prayer to all: change of heart.

Fellows, don’t be just a part of the history, but be a part of the social change.

We can.


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