Years before highschool, I often asked myself why many react so happily when it comes to love, why they say love is blind and why loving someone is such a big deal. (sigh)

I am one of those few people who debate about love. “Well, love isn’t blind. It sees! It just doesn’t mind what it sees!” I bother myself to argue with others about this epidemic affecting many individuals once cupid’s arrows hit their hearts.

Needless to say, I only end up being speechless from their too sentimental reactions. “I just don’t get it! T_T” All I know is that I laugh at people as I see them go corny due to their inexplicable feelings and how metamorphosis happens- transforming cool and astig people to cliche and clumsy individuals. I really don’t understand why such emotions arise. Is this different from the love we get from our parents? (Thinking…)

It was only then that I’ve felt cupid’s arrow hit my heart and made me understand my dilemmas in love. It was only then that I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of corny poems, the depth of love songs and the “kilig” experience once receiving love letters. It was also then that I’ve finally learned to love someone dearly, and yet, the time when I’ve first experienced the thorns and poisons of love. It was only then that I’ve lost control of my tears and the time I’ve happened to think of him as a wind.

Funny it may seem but the sentiment of forgetting is useless. “It just doesn’t work! He’s still in my head!!” The feeling of being in love is fun, affectionate and soul-lifting. Life is sweeter when we’re in love. But when it comes to the point of goodbyes, it’s hard. Not every story ends up happily. It doesn’t always happen to end the way we want our fairytale to be.

As we grow old, situations in our life become more complicated- love becomes deeper and problems become bigger. Sometimes we happen to wish that we could go back. Back to the time when the only man in our life is our dad, the only bestfriend we have is our mom and any pain could be healed with just a band aid and lollipop.

I remember the odd saying, “It is better to love and lost than not to love at all.” Loving someone is inspiring. It even colors our black and white life. But if love fails, just set your heart free. We all find love and sometimes lose it. But when love dies, we need not to die with it. The heart doesn’t have the mind to think and the eyes to see. It only feels. If we’re scared to lose, then DON’T BE!  Remember that everything happens for a reason. A heartache is a blessing from God. It may be the reason of the loud cries at night or the worst nightmare we ever dream. But it can be His way of letting us realize that He has saved us from the wrong one.

We all deserve to be happy. We just need to be fair with ourselves.

I believe that life is never loveless. Don’t think just because of the absence of physical touch, dinner dates, cheesy notes, sweet chocolates, and the like, life is lacking. Why? For there is Someone Who loves us so greatly above all- God. He loves us unconditionally and we should be thankful for that.

Instead of being drowned with those emotions, consider this. God reserves someone for each of His Creation- someone who deserves to feel the love that will never be lost again.

Give your heart to Him and experience the unconditional love He offers.

Monique Ann Tiongco

 The Torch Keeper

The Official Newsletter of the Taytay United Methodist Christian School

09.24.07 9:30 pm


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