We are


Sports writers are not second best journalists.

What is good with being a sports enthusiast is that you discover the beauty and madness of the sports scene without being involved in demolitions, impeachment trials or rallies.

People may think that with our write-ups we seem to be interested only on how vying teams clash for gold, how ball games stir school pride, how athletes capture stardom, or how much players and coaches get for pay, to mention a few.

Likewise, the first impression to us, sports writers, is that we are sports aficionados, fanatics in layman’s term. What is being overlooked is that despite our being ‘sports-minded’ we remain watchdogs to the society’s needs and struggles.

Other correspondents tend to look on us as less of a writer without taking into consideration our edge in our field and awareness in the society at the same time.

According to Salman Rushdie, “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”

As student journalists, we write because we choose to fight for what is right. We do not just write as if we always win the plum in the Finals, but we write because life’s battles push us to reveal and speak up. To write is to choose, indeed.

We may not be a part of any basketball craze but we are, absolutely, involved in a game called life.

We are never exempted in upholding and defending the interest and welfare of the people. It is our concern to advance and protect the right of every student to seek, receive and impart information to any medium without any interference.

At the end of the day, we are journalists. We may write with our sports lingos but we will always play an adversarial role to the studentry, and to the mass.

We are not just writers who rejoice whenever UE succeeds or when Pacman or the Azkals raise the Philippines. We are journalists who remain as catalysts of change, and communicators of the truth.


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