Increasing Awareness

Am I growing or coasting over this life?

Twenty years is young to be merry but old enough to be aware and understand the status quo of this world. Everyone’s all focused on how to make the Philippines more fun while only a few are concerned with the reality. (Hey. It’s more fun in the Philippines, right?)

Well, here are some issues more fun to consider.

Early January, pictures over the net exposed how thousands of family lost their home after platoons of policemen united to demolish their houses violently. They bannered loudly, “It’s not fun in Corazon De Jesus.”

Days after, the trial for the impeachment case against Chief Justice Renato Corona started and made noise in the mainstream to appear as if the government is doing something in delivering long-sought justice. The mass exclaimed, “Makakain ba namin ang impeachment na ‘yan?

On the other hand, campus journalists from NCR protested to condemn the government’s failure in delivering justice for the victims of Maguindanao Massacre, now on its 26th month. They voiced out, “End impunity.”

Last Chinese New Year, students held a program with a “paper dragon” to “drive away” recurring Tuition and Other Fee Increases, price hikes and flawed economic policies of the regime at Mendiola. To them, “No to ”

On January 26, Manila Bulletin’s articles entitled “Good news: SUCs given more budget; Bad News: It’s still not enough” tackled budget cuts experienced by the state universities and colleges. Yearly, they ask, “Where does our money go?”

At the end of the month, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines staged a “tetris battle” of Pres. Aquino and former President Arroyo’s education policies that mismatched the Philippine context and the needs of the people.

All of this occurred within January.

What more fun things shall happen in the succeeding months? How many lives shall be deceived? How many realities shall be sugar-coated? How much of the truth shall be revealed?

So am I growing or coasting over this life? Well, we have struggles on our own. We face challenges and have detractors as our years increase in number. Still, it is a must to be an observant, a watchdog, not just of our small world but of our nation who had had enough of the crisis it keeps on experiencing.

Let us always remember that we have to fight for our destiny. We cannot just be contented with what we think is enough.

Have the eyes to see and heart to believe.


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