Why the dropped shoulders?


I believe that he was not ‘robbed.’

Since Juan Manuel Marquez had solid moments during the fight, since Philippine pride Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao didn’t knock Marquez out, some boxing fans believed Marquez should have been declared the winner or it would have been more acceptable to have the battle a draw.

At the sound of the decision, the booing Mexican mass of the 16,368 crowd at the MGM Grand, the divided Filipinos in the country, the puzzled millions of people around the globe, the disappointed followers in various social networks, and the unforeseen fourth bout, drowned controversies and disbelief.

Obviously, Manny Pacquiao won but clearly, not everyone was happy.

Last November 12 (November 13 in the Philippines), the most-awaited battle shocked the world after the unexpected favor retained by the pound-for-pound king created intrigues against the results.

No doubt. As the issues spread and grew in mass, it became more stressful and frustrating for Marquez to accept.

Competent and composed enough to taste that World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight belt, JuanMa, together with his enthusiasts and the perplexed Pacman devotees, assumed that he was edging his way to victory, and that the third bout will conclude how he has overcome the well-known Filipino.

In one of his interviews, JuanMa said he was “robbed again” of the victory. After the past two other controversial matches with the Filipino eight-time world champion in 2004 and 2007, which ended in a draw and split decision respect, Marquez remained second best to the title – which aches him most.

He argued that winning will never be possible since he is fighting not just with Manny but with three more judges down the ring.

Yet, many still have faith on Pacquiao, not because he represented the country, that he paid taxes, that he served his hometown, but because he deserved what he reaped, he prepared for it, he fought good enough.

Honestly, to access the articles, threads and comments whether in print or online that I read, the game was not too far from reality. The only difference this time is that followers and fans who watched the fight were too emotional.

Before the game started, many believed that Marquez was a huge underdog. Hence, when he made something relevant, it seemed like he was achieving too much.

Even so, much of the expectations were on Pacquiao to win by knockout. Thus, when he failed to floor Marquez, fans claimed that he was a failure, a loser.

The reactions of many rang the news as majority admitted that they could have accepted the game if it was a draw.

But Manny won.

PNoy, who was in Hawaii that time, called Pacquiao and congratulated him. However, natives of our country uttered the opposite. Most of them admitted that Marquez should have gained the battle. His undeniably better performance should have saved him from being ‘robbed’ once more.

Indeed, any of us cannot please everyone. I mean all of us. There will be no exemption to this life’s basic rule.

It was clearly not his best performance and it was far from the result that most of us expected but fighting a close fight does not automatically make Pacquiao a loser.

With the image he had established during his unbreakable previous matches, Pacman was definitely known for his pounds and punches. This battle proved that even the most admired ring man has his limit, his weakness and, his pain.

Pacquiao may have not been as keen and powerful as what everyone expected him to be. But did he, for a moment, linger to be the second best Pacman for us, Filipinos, and for our country?

Passion is a positive obsession. But obsession is a negative passion.

Stick with your guns. What I want to share is the notion that Marquez was robbed.


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