Zamar to Zamar


From two different dimensions of life reveals one known surname to all, Zamar.

Two simple lives who possessed a common goal, two brave men who served one University, former UE Red Warrior Head Coach David “Boycie” Zamar and son Paul Christian Zamar who stirred not only Lualhati’s court with hardball action but also touched innumerable lives as a Red Warrior uncover their experiences and insights as a father and as a son, respectively.

David to Zamar

David, best called as Boycie Zamar, is married to Esperanza Zamar and is blessed with two children namely Paul and Carrissa Phoebe.

According to Boycie, Paul was born during the peak of his athletic career. Back then, he was just a 3rd year Marketing student who learned to balance his studies, work to feed his family and act his responsibilities as a father all at the same time.

Though starting too early, he and his wife edified good moral values like the importance of money, respect to authorities and fear of God above all.

“Every centavo counts since that centavo was obtained through blood, sweat and tears. God giveth and God taketh away. If they don’t value what’s valuable, it will melt like ice to water and it will be very hard to bring it back,” said by the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) major in Marketing graduate (1989).

During 1987, the multi-titled mentor was playing as a UE Red Warrior at the Araneta Coliseum when Paul was almost a year old. To his surprise, his son by then had shown interests and involvements with basketball leading to the Paul we know today.

“He himself was very interested. I believe it all started there and the rest became history,” disclosed by the UAAP seasons 64-66 Red Warrior coach.

As his children grew up, Boycie had to travel abroad for work. He can only communicate with his family through technologies or endure phone calls just to keep in touch with them.

“When I was in Manila, Saturday and Sunday were our family days. But now that I am based in Singapore and I had to travel around neighboring countries, I am tasked to bring them to where I am working outside Manila or find time to go back home on holidays since South East Asia is just less than four hours away when I had to think that I am just stuck in a traffic during rainy seasons or rush hours to get home,” he added.

In spite of his location and work, he still pursued to be a father to his only son by giving Paul encouragements as well as advices about life and their favorite sport basketball.

For David, basketball is just like life. It involves time that when one thing had happened, it cannot be redeemed again. He also believes that when you’re down, you have to lift up yourself as fast as you can and when you’re up you have to dream higher.

People may tend to compare the two men but David sees this as a normal response though sometimes it may give pressure and high expectations to his lad.

“I thank God that he [Paul] handles it well and that’s what matters most. It is not the comparison now but the character that matters. I am very proud of Paul not because of his achievements but because he was very loyal to UE. I also thank God to have a son like him. I hope and pray that God will one day allow us to be together in one team,” said Boycie.

Paul to Zamar

Popular for his hustle performances on court and friendly smiles, Paul Zamar played not only as a guard to the team but also as a son to his parents whom he showered with love and respect.

“I follow lahat ng tinuro nila sa akin right from the start at kung paano nila ko pinalaki,” said Paul Z.

Despite of growing up with less appearances of his father, Paul indeed enjoys moments when he gets to bond with his dad even for some limited time.

“The best thing na naeenjoy ko kapag nandiyan siya ay ang pagiging father niya. Kasi noong time na naging coach siya sa UE at sa Philippine team, nakalimutan niyang maging ama sa amin dalawa ng sister ko kaya malaking bagay na pag-umuuwi siya ngayon dito ay kinakalimutan niya ‘yong work niya muna at nagko-concentrate siya sa amin,” shared Zamar who was born on the 20th of October.

As a son, Paul considers every detail and memory with his dad valuable. Now, that he has served Lualhati to the best of his ability, he deems to pursue what his first mentor Boycie wasn’t able to achieve- to play in the famed PBA.

Despite of the comparisons raised between him and his father, Paul boldly defended that he felt no pressure on being the only son of Boycie. He even felt greater pressure when it comes with his own ego.

“Never niya kong prinessure na kailangan ko ma-exceed siya. Sinasabi niya lagi ay mag-enjoy lang  ako. Sa akin, ang biggest pressure na makukuha ko is myself. Sometimes, you think you’re better than them but still you need to work harder para ma-impress mo ang mga tao na nagda-doubt sayo,” disclosed Paul who considers his dad to be a supportive man above all.

During Paul’s younger years, he remembers how his dad encouraged him despite of his mistakes regarding decision making. For him, the greatest value his dad has imparted to his life is honesty.

“Never niya akong dinown sa mga mistakes ko. During those times na down na down ako, he never left my side kahit na ramdam niyang nag-struggle ako noon,” he recalled.

In time, when he will be having his own family and be given a son, the 24-year old Finance Management graduate seeks for his future son to have his own image and be whoever he wants to be.

“One day, I hope to see another Zamar playing at the UAAP and hopefully for UE also. Malay mo mas magaling pa sa amin ng tatay ko. Pang international basketball,” said Paul Z pointing out another Zamar to rise in the near future.

Zamar to UE

Indeed, gold can only be proven to be pure when it has survived even the element of fire.

Two different men who experienced the same fate in one University share their precious memories that molded them and taught them not only hard court strategies but also life-long lectures.

Despite of witnessing UE’s incomparable UAAP track record, it was not an all-pleasure memory for Boycie when he recalled his experiences on moving forward and getting back to life.

“I could not forget what happened to us when UE was in crisis that time. If I am not mistaken it was 1985 when UE was taken over by the Maharishi Group. No offense to them but that was the lowest part of my life as a Warrior and as a student. We ate only two meals a day, slept in our quarters with only one ceiling fan for all the players coming from provinces and had very minimal allowances. After seeing the UE Community fighting and sacrificing for our alma mater started our battle cry FIGHT FOR UE, FIGHT FOR VICTORY. In spite of all those adversities, we came out as champions of the UAAP,” explained Boycie.

Early 2007, Paul encountered one of his biggest decisions in life. He was about to leave UE when former UE coach Dindo Pumaren was not giving him enough playing time he was seeking.

“I asked him [Pumaren] that time if he wants me to stay or not. To my surprise, he told me to stay dahil nakita niya ang improvement sa akin for my first two years,” said by the thankful Paul for being given the break.

Trials may have come to test their faithfulness to Lualhati but Boycie and Paul remained unshaken.

“If not for UE, I will not be Boycie Zamar. I will always be a Warrior for UE and for life as well. My son Paul was taken cared and loved by the UE Community while he was there since his high school days ‘til now. Inspiration namin ang UE. Nobody could take that away from us ‘til the rest of our lives. In fact, every endeavor here in South East Asia, I always involve our UE Alumni Association. To the UE Family and Community, alam niyo kung ano ang sinasabi ko, I may not mention all your names but God will repay you. God bless UE. God bless Dawn,” ended Boycie.


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