VeredictumNaimbag nga aldaw!

Feels nothing like paradise. With countless green fields, vast azure seashores, tasty Filipino cuisine,  and hospitable Claverianos, our culture bears a lot of treasures that neither our bear eyes can’t see nor our young minds can’t conceive.

I feel so blessed to experience this year’s summer heat at the coastal paradise of the North in Claveria, Cagayan. It is definitely a dream come true to be with my cousins and relatives in the rural life.

Well, this column is not about my tour at Cagayan or anything. In fact, despite of all the pleasures I experienced in the province, I can’t help myself from thinking of my very purpose in the City of Palms– to let go, to learn, to live, and to look forward.

I may say that I experienced this because I chose to experience it, not because I just need to be refreshed but most of all, to be freed.

After last semester, there are many thoughts and things I figured out to forgive and forget. It is hard honestly but I know there is indeed an art I need to discover.

Maybe, just maybe, it is still the heart and mind that know.


Is there really an art of letting go?

Just like playing with the sand, young or old, we enjoy playing with it. However, much do we love to make it remain on our hands, it looses from our grip. Though we desire to make it stay for as long as we want to, it easily goes with the wind or soaks with the water.

In life, there are certain things we ask to stay with us. Only that, there are also certain time that they tend to leave in order for us to be renewed.

Letting go of the past means letting go of oneself.



They say learning is fun. It is a part of life. But what if it hinders one to grow?

From the moment a person learns to decide, he then decided to learn. However, there are many instances that we tend to withhold our growth. It is true that our age increases in number but it is the inner us (emotions and understanding) that fails to grow up with the maturity.

Past is past, as the odd saying goes.

True. We can never say to ourselves that we can live in a dream and change things that were already done. Instead of blaming the involved ‘U’ or the selfish ‘I’, why not just accept the fact that in this life we are born to learn in order not to repeat the history.

Learn to learn.


Live life to the fullest. We can never tell when the end will come. Yet, why do some tend to end everything so fast?

I have been living for twenty youthful years now and I believe changes really occur. It is quite unacceptable sometimes but it teaches us more.

It is amazing how flowers bloom despite the fact that there are no gardeners present or anyone who will take care of it. Still, they pursue living. They bloom and make others smile with its life.

But who are we when compared to such? We have one life to live and one life to give in to. It is either we live or we give in with this life. Why then choose the painful ones?

Bloom up, not gloom.



When we fall, we must always learn to stand. We can never stay down on our knees and just give up.

If it requires one to go to new settings, then why not? We will never know that we are fit to something when we never managed to explore.

Though the hardest part is facing the future, we must be brave to face it. It is a fruit of our iniquities.

However, ruminating on what one could have or should have done is ineffective and unhealthy. If we’re dealing with mistakes or facing failures, never forget to forgive one’s self. Once decided to move forward, never go back.

Claim freedom in His Holy Name.


 Ayat explains why I have written this column. To let go, to learn, to live and to look forward are interconnected with each other. In the absence of one, none of them can succeed, especially that the root of this circle is the very reason of all, love.

Ayat (meaning love in Ilocano) can definitely stir not just one’s heart but the person as a whole. So powerful, it teaches a lot of things that neither our parents may not be able to explain nor the school to lecture.

I was once a little lass who just enjoyed the simplicity of life, the epitome of innocence. Now I am on my twentieth, I face the fragments of reality, the immeasurable emotions brought by people and things.

Still, I believe there is a time for everything, a right moment for the right someone. Let’s keep on praying for the one He wills for.

Naimbag nga aldaw!


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